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What a mockery!!!

I am not sure of the intentions of the Baseball Writers who chose Joe Girardi as National League Manager of the Year. However, they have ruined the integrity of the award. When does a manager get an award with a losing record? In addition, the manager of the year lost his job. How can you give him so much credit for what young players hungry to be in the major leagues did in a down regular season for the National League. There was only one reason for this mokery. To deny Willie Randolph manager of the year.
Based on the merits Willie should have been a runaway NL manager of the year. His Mets team won 97 games during the regular season and were consistent. His team never lost more than 3 in a row during 2006. That is unheard of in Major League Baseball. His consistency was better than Jim Leyland’s. He also showed class with dealing with the players, the front office, and the fans. Never would you see Willie Randolph showing up any players, Omar Minaya or Fred Wilpon. Girardi lost his job because he has no class. What ever your owner has done, he is responsible for your paycheck. It was irresponsible for him to embarass an owner in public. The owner did not endorse Girardi’s managerial skills so why should the Baseball Writers? Furthermore, if he did such a great job, why didn’t the Yankees immediately hire him as bench coach when Mazilli was fired?

Willie Randolph is too much of a class act to express disappointment to this mockery. But I can. Willie knows how to talk to people. When Pedro Feliciano went public with his comments, it was easy for Willie to blast him in the press, bench him or cut him. Instead he called the player into the office to privately discuss his displeasure and ended the conversation with winning teams don’t do this. Imagine the pressures of managing in New York, and successfully keeping your team out of the bad press of the tabloids. He was successful because of his style.

You have cheapened the value of your award by this selection and Willie is the true 2006 National League Manager of the Year. He would not be bothered by your snub because he measures success by World Championships. He is now working with Minaya to bring the Mets the championship in 2007.