The New York Mets Projected Opening Day Roster.

Even though it is the beginning of Spring Training, I think it is fun to project the opening day roster. It should be similar to last year except for a few minor surprises. I project the lead off hitter to be Jose Reyes, followed by Paul LoDuca, Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, Moises Alou, David Wright, Jose Valentin, Lastings Milledge and a pitcher. David Wright is usually the fifth place hitter, but I believe he will be sixth because Moises Alou provides better protection for Carlos Delgado. This will take pressure off of Wright and allow him to avoid a second half slump similar to 2006. I don’t have much faith in Shawn Green.  The same reason that Arizona replaced him is why the Mets need to go with youth.  With Carlos Gomez and Fernando Martinez developing, its time for Lastings to prove he is major league ready. Another year in the minor leagues will not do him good. This is just a prediction and like anything else only Spring Training performance can tell.


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